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Being in Flow or ‘In the Zone’ is an experience where awareness of self and time disappear. You feel a sense of deep focus, where you are no longer thinking about yourself. You are no longer worried about your performance or interrupted by distractive thoughts. In other words, it feels effortless.

How are we going to teach you more about Flow?

Through movement….

Your body in movement is a powerful vehicle to learn about Flow. When you treat your body as a natural intelligence, you open up all of yourself to the Flow experience. Developing your Flow Capacity however is far more than simply becoming better at how you move through the world, Flow is a key skill that you want to have show up in every area of your life.

Knowing how to be more in Flow will enhance the joy you gain out of your life. Flow buffers you from stress, increases your resilience to life’s setbacks and can inspire you to achieve your personal best. In a word, Flow is Good for you.

What You Will LEARN at the Consciousness & Flow Camp...

* Improve the performance of your Jiu-Jitsu game * Increase your ability to learn, and develop skills faster (not only Jiu-Jitsu) *Learn the steps to invoke Flow in all areas of your life *How to rise to life's challenges and overcome them *How to purposively increase enjoyment and creativity in your life

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You can host your own camp or retreat at Tree Roots. Many have, from yoga teachers, wellness coaches, martial arts teachers and more.