Tree Roots Retreat

A Sanctuary of Inner Peace

Discover your Inner Warrior

Our Retreat offers 9 secluded bungalows with tropical pool and garden for those looking for peace and tranquility, at the other end of our retreat we have a fully equipped gym, yoga fly and martial arts area, herbal steam room and a private 30,000 book library incorporated into a coffee shop.

Come join us and rediscover your inner warrior.

What if you could take the lessons from martial arts to supercharge your life and career? Join us for a variety of training courses, all designed to supercharge your life through the art of movement and martial arts. No experience needed.

Our retreat offers an experience, either through the design and landscaping or through the variety of courses offered, all designed to reach and awaken your inner warrior and prepare you for full contact living.

And we have much more

Further amenities and options to spend your time

Coffee Shop and Library

Tree Roots Retreat boasts one of the largest private collections of antique books in Thailand, with over 30,000 books on offer, our library is the perfect place to relax in.

Our coffee shop is the perfect area to taste our top quality coffee beans and leaf through a book and enjoy the sounds from the tropical garden outside.

Private Pool and Tropical Garden

Relax after a hard day’s training

For the exclusive use of the bungalow residents, our jungle inspired pool and tropical garden is the perfect place to relax with a book and listen to the sounds of the surf from the beach 500 meters in front of you.


Train your body

Tree Roots Retreat has an extensive gym fully equipped with the latest equipment. Doors are always open so come work out at your convenience and enjoy the view of the tropical gardens.